What are we good for?

Nothing is definitely not the answer you're looking for.

After a while working on our own projects, we realised that the Papertronics tech had potential far beyond what we could achieve on our own. Over time, we started giving talks, helping on a few projects here & there, then offering workshops and now we are accepting special request.

While the centre of our expertise remain the Papertronics technology (pigment and canvas based interaction), this allowed us to build up specific insights in broader topics such as interactive art, augmented reality, tangible interfaces, paper base solutions…

If you add to that the specific skills of each arm of Papertronics, we feel ready for any challenge (ask us about our cooking!).


We love to talk, and apparently some people love to listen to us. We had the chance to discuss the inner working of the Papertronics technology as well as the numerous implication in interaction patterns that it triggers. To be honest, we're still learning about those as we continue our journey. Curious to know our latest finding? We'll be happy to present our latest discovery.
We were especialy happy to be able to share at:
  • FOSDEM, Brussels, 2015
  • Gamelier, Paris, 2015
  • Libre Graphic Meetings, London, 2016


The Papertronics technology allows us to touch numerous subjects during our workshop. Depending on the public, they either span this broad spectrum or focus on a specific topic. From digital art to game design, with a pinch of augmented drawing and creative coding; there is something for every taste & age here.


You are having a wonderful idea and want some help in making it a reality? Worry no more, we love puzzles and finding their solutions! While we will be more able to help you on projects close to our technology, we will always look for a way to help you, no matter the topic, if only to redirect you to better experts!

We are happy to offer our help both on realisation (software & hardware) and on conceptualisation. Either to make your project a reality, or to guide it in its first steps, no matter its scope.

Special Request

Last but not least, we started accepting special request. In this case, you tell us what you want, and after discussing the project together, we will take care of it until you are happy with the result.

Here are a few ideas for inspiration:
  • a drawing wall in the lobby of your building (how to not make it messy? That's our job!)
  • a prototyping desk to showcase your product
  • an interactive painting
  • ...