Paper & Pigments Pinball

First there was Flippaper, a project between a drafting table and a pinball. Take a few felt pens, draw a few shapes, press SCAN and ta-dah!, your drawing lights up. It doesn’t stop there. With the help of smoke, mirrors and a bit of tech, a ball appears on your drawing and reacts to it: a whole pinball emerges before your eyes. Through a language of shapes and colors, you’re in charge of the gameplay and the look of your pinball.

No need to be an expert, use big color markers, each of them corresponding to a function (bumper, wall, speed up…), and sketch everything that crosses your mind or come up with an actual gameplay. Press SCAN and start a frenzied pinball game! During your game, add some areas and test your drawing in quest of the ultimate gameplay, refresh by pressing scan, launch the ball, and beat the High-Score !!

Through a drawing language based on analog tools, Flippaper brings virtual and material back together. Explore a new balance between drawing and logic, control and accidents, action and meditation. Synchronize your inner experience to this incredible physical world.