Our Technology

Colours every where! On walls, on paper, on your cloths, even on your food. And guess what? You can interact with it! Curious to know how? Well, click and open up a new world of messiness.

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Ok, you know we are playing with colors. But what are we doing with it? Numerous things, some of them eatable. Come check them!

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We are a helpful bunch of lads, we teach, we share and we even do stuff for you. Who would have guessed? Certainly not our parents.

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A little bit about the team

Jéremie Cortial and Roman Miletitch are the left and right arms of Papertronics, aiming to find more natural and physical (who said carnal?) ways to interact with new technologies. Pigments on canvas was used by cavemen, so it felt good enough for us. Felt pen on paper, coloured food syrup on thin white waffle, graff on a wall, body paint on bodies... draw by any means necessary, and grant your drawing life by using our home made technology.

A little bit about our first child